Learn Indo-European Folk Magic

The first series deals with my own research and layer building from lore onto what I've learned. Folk magic is the most simplistic magic there is. The way Indo-Europeans have done it for eons is illustrated in books that go back millennia. But somehow and once again, looking at the common themes on Indo-European peoples gives us some skeletal structure to start understanding what seems to be a monolithic mass of data.

In addition to the capabilities of understanding this grants us, there seems to be a magical language and fluidity which forms from this knowledge. One could study it over a few weeks, train for a few months, and then be able to speak magic as a language. At the present moment, pagan laity rarely think of little more than writing wishes on a candles, coded in runes or not, or on a piece of paper to be consumed by a fire. If doing these acts are words in a language, not many are speaking it well.

The Basics

The Intermediate
  • Beginning Disciplines
  • Laying Down Layers
  • Trancework


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