A Hearth Devotional

We continue to keep the same ritual way of breaking down the existing structure since last blog as it is itself the mnemonic container for these things and changing it between public and private work may confuse things. If you are unfamiliar have a look here. These practices should be done daily as a minimal introduction to mysticism and devotional polytheism. These practices, despite belief, will 100% without a doubt garner yourself basic experiences with the gods, as long as you have no expectations and do it as long as your particular psyche needs in order to break through. Some egos are stronger than others and the hammer needed to break them bigger as well. Each phrase in Irish is repeated in English except maybe "Bíodh sé amhlaidh" which means So Be It and is pronounced Bee-uck Shay Owl-lee. The uck part is nearly silent as a back of the throat sound.

What you’ll need 

  • Quaich or cup filled with drink
  • 1 offering and a way to make it (fire, bowl, etc)
  • 1 candle
  • 1 bowl of water
  • 1 coin


An Tíre, The Land upholds me, An Mara, The Sea surrounds me, and An Nime, The Sky embraces me, as I pray and offer to the Holy Powers that my devotion be done in Truth. Bíodh sé amhlaidh!
Pronunciation guide: (On TEER­uh)  (On MAR­ruh) (On NIM­uh)


Perform the Two Powers, Three Cauldrons, or centering meditation and say:
By the Light of the Fire and the Might of the Water, I find my balance.


Land Mother, we thank you for ever upholding our work and our lives. Bíodh sé amhlaidh! 

Otherworld (optional)

Establish the sacred center:
Tienne, Tobar, agus Crann Naomh, is i­steach mise!
 Pronunciation guide: (CHIN­uh, TAH­bur, CRANN NEEV ISH ISHTOCK MISH­uh)
Fire, Well, and Sacred Tree: flame and flow and grow in me!
Light the candle.
Drop a coin into the bowl of water.
Brighid, bright flame, An Daghda, deep well, I honor you, let the ways be open! Shining Gods, Mighty Dead, and Good Neighbors, I call you as my kin, to join in my magic, meet me at the boundary!
Call upon your personal deities, ancestors, and/or spirits. Work with a specific god, or call upon your council of grandmothers. Anything you want to do with caution.


Make an offering with a heartfelt prayer, then say:
Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe, Please accept this Offering!


Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe, release the waters within me!
Drink the quaich/cup. Sit in quiet meditation waiting for messages or experiences to come through your consciousness from Otherworldly places.


Thanks be to the Kindred Three, let the ways be closed. Bíodh sé amhlaidh!
Say a final prayer, sing a song, clean up and go about your day after recording any experiences you may have had.


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